Baldwin Boxall Communications Ltd.
Vigil Range Fault Tree Analysis

Designers and suppliers of life-safety audio communications systems, Baldwin Boxall Communications Limited (BBCL) are the selected supplier to many high-profile transportation projects. As part of their contract to supply the complex VigilTM public address and voice alarm system to Atkins Rail, BBCL need to provide comprehensive reliability data and predictions that confirmed their system’s compliance with contractual reliability requirements. Atkins Rail required this to incorporate Fault Tree Analysis (FTA). To overcome in-house resource limitations, in March 2003 D.G.Edworthy Associates were commissioned to perform the analysis. Working with the BBCL design team to gather data we performed a detailed FTA and MIL-217-F parts count analysis that provided the risk analysis and reliability, availability and maintainability predictions at a high level of confidence and assurance. Feedback received from Atkins Rail was extremely favourable.


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