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Chek Lap Kok
- The New Hong Kong International Airport


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"Imagine constructing Charles De Gaulle Airport, Phase 2 of Singapore's Mass Rail Transit, the Golden Gate Bridge, Shanghai's Nan Pu Bridge, the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago, two Boston Harbour Tunnels, housing for the 20,000 residents of Bend, Oregon, and reclaiming enough land for 16 Disneylands all at the same time. Imagine further that you are doing it all in one of the world's most densely populated cities, and in a political climate of incredible complexity." (Bechtel Corporation)

Built to supersede Kai Tak, the new airport is designed to take Hong Kong into the 21st century. Drawing on lessons learned in the past, and experience gained in operating one of the world's busiest airports, Hong Kong has created one of the most practical, functional and above all, people-friendly airports in operation today - and for decades to come.

Nine times the size of Kai Tak, the vast Passenger Terminal Building is 1.27km from its entrance to the end of the Y-shaped concourse having 48 aircraft gates and is capable of handling 87 million passengers a year.

The contract for designing and manufacturing the General Coverage Public Address (GCPA) System for the Passenger Terminal Building was awarded to SigNET Ltd of Washington, Tyne & Wear, UK, who commissioned D.G.Edworthy Associates in August 1996 to provide documentation consultancy for the contract.

Following the successful supply of this complex and sophisticated life-safety digital audio network system, D.G.Edworthy Associates were commissioned by Guardforce Ltd of Hong Kong who had responsibility for the installation and commissioning of this and other communications and security systems. Between November 1997 and April 1999, D.G.Edworthy Associates devised and produced operator and maintenance training courses on the GCPA system for the Chinese airport operations staff. Doug Edworthy presented these courses in the course of five visits to Hong Kong.

As part of D.G.Edworthy Associates' own quality management system, feedback questionnaires were used to assess the quality of training delivered.

Results confirm that 90% of the students Agreed or Strongly Agreed that Doug Edworthy; a) Gave an acceptable answer to their questions by the end of the course, b) Explained new terms/theory clearly, c) Presented information logically in an easy-to-follow manner, d) Seemed interested in whether or not they learnt, e) Was attentive to their answers, comments & opinions, f) Encouraged them to participate in the learning process, g) Was available to give them help when needed/asked for, h) Gave them personal performance feedback during the course, and i) Created an atmosphere that was conducive to their learning.

In addition the majority of the students judged the course content, pace and difficulty adequate and the course training materials and documentation (produced by D.G.Edworthy Associates) were felt to be Good.

Having detailed knowledge of the system and equipment design, and of the 'as-built' state of the installation, D.G.Edworthy Associates have been further commissioned by Guardforce Ltd to provide the Operations and Maintenance manuals for the project.


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