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Induction Loops (AFILS)


While the underlying technology of Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems (AFILS) is well understood, the application of that technology is less well understood. There are pitfalls to catch the unwary designer or installer, and costs can escalate without detailed knowledge and effective planning.

Magnetic interference from other equipment and cabling can make a hostile environment for hearing-aid users, hidden metal in building construction can adversely affect signal strength and quality, and overspill from one loop to another can introduce interference and confidentiality issues.

D.G.Edworthy Associates are leading consultants in this technology, and will guide venue owners, systems designers, and installers to successful installations that provide cost-effective benefits to hearing-aid users.

Our consultancy services include Site Surveys, System Design and Standards Advice for:

  • Owners of AFILS (existing or planned)
  • Designers of AFILS
  • Installers of AFILS
  • Users of AFILS
  • AFILS standards

We are the preferred supplier of consultancy on AFILS to major transportation organisations and systems contractors.

(Please see Case Histories)

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